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FAQ Dragon Pets

So, my pet is truly unique?

Absolutely! Your dragon cannot be replicated by anyone else. It's one-of-a-kind and 100% unique.

But, how many dragons are there?

You can breed more than 40 million unique dragons. Around 100,000 have been bred already!

How does breeding work?

Similarly to how it works for humans! When you breed two dragons with a set of unique features, the offspring will have some mix of those features. Our breeding algorithm makes sure that those features do not exist in any other dragon.

I can also do battles?

Oh yes. To get an idea of how this works, check out the Twitch extension.

For Twitch Streamers

What are Dragon Pets?

Dragon Pets are virtual pets for your stream. Your viewers can use Bits or Channel Points to feed them, breed them and do battles! It's a Twitch extension, so no complicated set up is required. Just install it on Twitch.

Can I use this now?

Yes you can! Head over to Twitch.tv and install the extension.

Can you help me set it up?

Of course! Join our Discord Server and we will help you out!

Can I change the look of my dragon?

Your dragon will change as viewers breed it. The baby dragon will inherit some visual elements from the father and some from the mother!

Can I earn money with Dragon Pets?

Absolutely. Your audience can use Bits to interact with your pet. All Bits paid through the extension will be split between you and Dragon Pets. You will receive 80%, the extension will receive 20%.

How does the payout work?

The payout of your Dragon Pets revenue is handled by Twitch and comes together with your other Twitch income 15 days after the end of the month.

Can someone use Dragon Pets without Bits? Is there a free option?

Absolutely! Dragon Pets works both with Bits and Channel Points.

Does this work on mobile?

Absolutely! Dragon Pets can be opened inside the Twitch mobile app. Viewers can breed your pet and use Bits in the extension just like on Desktop.

Do I have to set up a Browser Source? I am not using a streaming software.

No you don't. Dragon Pets just works out of the box! All you have to do is install it on Twitch. If you can though, it is highly recommended you set up a Browser Source, since it helps viewers notice your pet.

For Viewers on Twitch

What can I do as a viewer?

As you breed your dragons with your favorite streamers, you grow your own dragon collection! You will soon be able to train, grow and eventually sell your own pets!